Ad Types

Purposeful advertising that positively impacts business performance

Single Ad

This is the easiest and quickest way to run an ad on any channel. Leverage the power of automation at every step to create, monitor, and optimize ads in the most efficient way possible.

Multiple Ads

Drive home a key message to your audience on various channels or simply schedule multiple ads together on a single channel by selecting the multi-ad journey. It also allows you to duplicate and edit ads within seconds.

Custom Audience

Got a list of customers that you want to specifically target? Upload your list on this journey and show your ads only to the prospects that you’ve judged to be your best leads.


Use remarketing to show your ads only to those customers who’ve demonstrated an active interest in your offering through actions like visiting your website.

A/B Testing

There is no one definite way to success. For the opportunist, there are several. Find out which adworks best for you through simple A/B tests that are guaranteed to give you power-packed insights that improve every ad’s performance.

Achieve strategic business goals with the power of AI in online advertising

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