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3 Best Online Ad Campaign Types for Restaurants

With an increasing number of food options coming up, the struggle to get new customers for restaurants is more than ever. Gone are the days of local printing as the only way to advertise a restaurant. Today, one of the most powerful channels for advertising is running an online ad on Facebook, Instagram and Google. At the same time, it can be difficult to understand how to use these channels effectively. In case you have already tried online advertising and didn’t get the results as expected, a lack of appropriate campaign selection and audience targeting could be the likely reasons behind it.

Let’s take a smart and targeted approach. Using the right type of ad campaign does more than serving your restaurant’s immediate goals, it creates a sustainable business. This blog guides you on the best type of ad campaigns for advertising a restaurant on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

3 types of ad campaigns for restaurants:

1. Video Promotion

A video promotional ad campaign helps display your restaurant and food menu on Facebook and Instagram, in a more dynamic manner.

With a video promotion ad campaign:

  • Give people a taste of your restaurant’s interiors and ambience
  • Delight the audience with a cooking video
  • Share a customer testimonial video

2. Promotion

A promotional ad campaign lets you advertise your restaurant on Facebook and Instagram, to an audience who is most likely interested in your food menu. You can even reach out to people staying in your locality or Pincode.

With a promotional ad campaign:

  • Connect with the most engaged and enthusiastic food audiences
  • Run hyperlocal ads targeted via pin code or geolocation
  • Create awareness about the type of food you serve

3. Website Traffic

A website traffic ad campaign lets you drive people to your restaurant’s website and give them a chance to explore your menu.

With a website traffic ad campaign:

  • Drive people on your Swiggy/Zomato page link
  • Showcase and rotate a variety of options from your menu
  • Share visibility of your restaurant using Google maps

Besides these three campaign types, you can try other campaigns as well such as Google Search Ad and Facebook Page like campaign, among others, as per your business’s needs. The key lies in consistent advertising and with time, you will start noticing increased takeaway orders and restaurant visits.


Facebook and Instagram has the largest community of food lovers. And, today mobile diners order from anywhere, anytime. Let your restaurant be seen to them when they are hungry by hitting the right campaign types.

If you want to run the above mentioned online ad campaigns through a single platform, you can try an intelligent advertising platform in MediaQart. Book a free demo and expert consultation for your restaurant today!