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6 Best SEO Tools for Blog Optimization

When done right, blog content can provide an extraordinary opportunity to build relationships with your customers. A well-crafted and optimized blog post not only delivers helpful information to your target audience but also helps cultivate the sentiment and trust so critical to harnessing customer loyalty and turning prospects into buyers down the road.

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But even with the perfect piece of content queued up and ready to go, it's not necessary the blog will ultimately unlock its full digital potential. In fact, if maximizing blog-post reach and impact are among your larger content marketing objectives (as they should be), then you need to work on some aspects of blog optimization with the help of tools available for free in the market.

So, how do you turn each new post into a web magnet dynamo? Adhering to these basic six blog optimization tools can help you break through the noise and get your business's blog posts in front of prospects across the web.

Some of them you might be aware of and have already been using, others are a little less known but produce results! We know how the big SEO giant content optimization tools but here we have tried to take an off-beat approach and indulged more in the online SEO blog optimization aspect.

1. CoSchedule

Use the headline analyzer from Coschedule to create and analyze high-quality headlines which will bring traffic to your website.It can help you analyze your headline by giving it a score and giving you recommendations based on that.

In the example given below, we’ve inserted a headline, which has a score of 65, which is considered above average. You should ideally optimize your content to achieve a score of 70 and above. It is rated on various parameters such as Word Balance, Word Count, Character Count, Sentiment, Reading level, Clarity, etc.

It further gives you a detailed recommendation as to what changes can be made to achieve that balance in your headline. You can keep changing the words and keep analyzing the headline till you hit the perfect score. You can even download the extension for this tool from chrome.

It is a great way to measure how your headline might be perceived and how you can compel the users to click on the headline and take action.

Coschedule headline analyzer tool

2. IFTTT (If This Then That)

It lets you connect your apps, devices, and services in new and powerful ways. There are 700+ services on IFTTT with endless ways to automate and integrate. You can also download their app to check out their services.

Click on the “Explore” option and search for blogs or Instagram or whatever you are looking for. It will show cards below which you can integrate and enable to make your life smoother.

IFTTT SEO optimization tool

For example, if you want to directly sync or push your blogs to social media apps, you can use these popular Applets, then tap on the card to enable them. It will automatically pull your blog and post it on other platforms. This makes it super easy for bloggers to streamline their publishing efforts.

IFTTT SEO optimization tool

3. SabMera

It is a blogger template website where you can download a variety of templates for any business or website. It has a host of ready-to-use templates such as 3D Blogger, Ads Ready, E-commerce, Responsive, SEO ready, Video & Music templates, and much more. This is specifically designed for newbies who find WordPress and other sites very overwhelming.

SabMera Blog template tool

4. GeneratePress

If you are a WordPress blogger, then you can even try the GeneratePress website which specializes in lightweight WordPress themes that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility. Navigate to their menu bar and click on ‘Site Library’ where you can access an extensive library of professionally designed starter sites that can be used by any business and help you save tons of time and resources on the development.

With the combination of GeneratePress Premium and their free GenerateBlocks plugin, you can visually build every aspect of your website without even entering a line of code. With their Dynamic Block Elements, you have total design freedom to create whatever you want. You can download any theme at very good rates.

5. Yoast SEO

It is the most widely used WordPress SEO plugin, but it can be used for Blogger website as well once you install the extension. Without the right SEO, your blog is as good as dead. This is where Yoast fills in the gap and makes sure your site/blog meets all technical as well content optimization standards, which in turn will help improve your ranking and readability.

It is available in both free and paid versions, but even the free version works well and does most of the work for you. It can be integrated as an extension and can help you optimize and boost for any type of content. They even have an academy for SEO training courses so that you can ace the content SEO game.

6. Article Generator

It is an automatic content generator tool for those who want to create fresh and unique content but are short on time and resources. It can be used for blog purposes, which can help you even generate ideas for your next blog topic.

All you have to do is insert the keyword, select language, the number of articles you want and then click on ‘Generate Articles’, and boom your article is ready! This works for the free version where you can generate a maximum of 3 articles, if you take up the paid version, then you can access unlimited articles and even get your articles rewritten.

Article creator tool

This is especially useful when you are stuck in a creative rut and are short on deadlines, but we suggest still going the old-fashioned way but you can definitely take some inspiration from here rather than copy-pasting the blog as it is.

In case you want to convert this to a regional language, then simply copy the text, paste it on Google Translate and you can get the article in your desired language.

No matter which spinner you use for your blog, make sure to edit the blog before publishing because it may not be 100% accurate and you can further enhance the quality of the blog by optimizing it with the right tools.


The process of building relationships with your audience can sometimes be time-consuming and even quite challenging. Yet, when the right content optimization tools are used, the potential pays off in terms of higher search authority, visibility, and blog traffic is often more than worth it.

And once those connections are made and secure, you have nearly limitless opportunities to promote your content and create the buzz you need to maintain a continually successful blog. That's why it's critical to be well-versed in SEO and keep exploring different ways to optimize your blog.

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