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Is Your Facebook Ad in Review For More Than 48 Hours?

Have you ever searched ‘ Facebook ad in review for days ' to find out why your ad is still in pending review? It's common to face a long review time that goes beyond the usual 48 hours while advertising on Facebook. This article will help you get a better understanding of the Facebook ad review process by explaining the possible reasons for a delay in ad approval.

One of the most common queries we come across is “How long does Facebook ad review take"? Generally it gets approved within 24 hours but there are some key factors that might affect the duration of your Facebook Ad approval:

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Huge ad demand

Facebook reviews the ad in two ways, one is Manual and the other is Automated. As you know, the number of people who advertise on Facebook is probably very high considering there are more than 90 million pages for SMBs.

This indicates that the number of people running ads could be in millions and the competition fierce. So a lot of ads are sent out for review in a day.

Though most of the review process might be automated, there could be a few ad specialists who manually check ads if the bot triggers any warning. This might delay the ad review time in some cases and you can expect longer periods of review.

Video & carousel ads may take Longer

Facebook crawls through the entire video to check if it follows the ad guidelines. As a result, video ads might take longer to get reviewed.

Similar to video ads, carousel ads can take a longer review time as Facebook inspects multiple images in compliance with their guidelines.

Multiple ad accounts

Sometimes it does happen that one business account is working well, while another might be facing issues. So go back to your ad and account history and check if a particular business page is facing more problems due to some content or other issues.

It may happen that Facebook analyses the business page and if any ad was ever reported from that page. It's always good to keep a track of all your ad accounts and business pages and make sure that they adhere to the guidelines.

Editing an ad while under review

If your ad is still under review and you end up making small changes or edits either to targeting, location or creatives, then you can expect the review time to be delayed even further because Facebook takes into account the actual time you made the edit and then resets the time to zero.

This means that if you need your ad to get approved soon, making changes will again push the timelines from the time you made the edit and then consider 24 hours from that point.

If you are sure that there is something wrong with the ad and it definitely needs editing, then go ahead and make those changes, as you don't want your ad to be rejected after waiting for so long.

Complying with their ad policies

Facebook & Instagram ads can be stuck in review when Facebook finds that the ad doesn't adhere to its advertising policies. During the ad reviewing process, Facebook checks the ad for:

  • Audience
  • Positioning
  • Video and Images
  • Content on the ad's landing page
  • Text
  • Targeting

Facebook will not approve an ad if it doesn't adhere to any of Facebook's advertising policies. Read more about Why Facebook and Instagram ads get rejected.

Account history

It seems that the longer we have been advertising on Facebook, the faster it gets our ads approved. For instance, a domain that has been advertised without any glitches a lot of times before may experience a shorter review period in comparison to a new advertiser. But this may not always hold true.

1. Use Facebook live chat support

Yes this exists! Though many users prefer to email when facing ad rejections or when an ad is in review for long, there is live chat support available at specific times.

You can also submit your issue in the Support page on Facebook.

Let me show you how it's done.

Search for the asset you need help with and select your business page. Below it shows the list of issues to select from. Go ahead and click on Ad review and skip all the other steps if you are impatient like me and you will see a form like the one given below when you click on Contact Support for help.

Once the form opens up you can see the Start Chat CTA which is mentioned along with the waiting time.

So if you want to save time and directly jump the queue, this is an easy and effective way to get things sorted soon.

2. Fill in the Facebook help center form

The other way to go about your Facebook & Instagram ad review if the ad is still pending for more than 24 hours, is to fill up the help center form and let Facebook get back to you with a solution.

Provide your Ad ID (this can be found in the ‘Customize' column in your Ad Manager, under Settings on the left, click “Object Names and IDs.” Then select “Ad ID”, and describe the issue and hope your ad is approved soon.

3. Create duplicate ads

This strategy has worked for a lot of marketers, so you too can give it a try if your Facebook & Instagram ads are in review for long.

All you have to do is create a duplicate campaign either with or without making changes, and chances are that the duplicate ad will get approved sooner than you think!

We have read a lot of comments where people have shared how duplicating ads worked for them, but not necessarily it will work for you. Although it's worth giving it a try.

4. Making small changes at ad set level

Sometimes making small changes at an ad set level also works like a charm! Again this is not a full-proof plan but may do the trick for you.

Try making small edits to either budget, creative, targeting or just turn “On” or “Off” some ad and it may get your Facebook & Instagram ad approved sooner than you thought!

As mentioned above, it's not a 100% guaranteed hack, but in needed times it may change your Facebook ad review status.

5. Plan in advance

I know this might sound cliche but planning your Facebook ads in advance might save you a lot of headaches later.

I'm sure you've read this a zillion times, but the need to reiterate the fact is very much required.

Not every time things go your way or as planned, so it's always good to have a back-up plan (Plan B) or to work through this Facebook ad review process.


We hope that you have got a fair idea of why sometimes Facebook & Instagram ads are in review for more than 24 hours and what we need to do to fast-track your Facebook ad review process. You can always learn more about Facebook's ad review process under its ad policies.

The best way to learn what works and what doesn't is by launching an ad campaign through our platform. Our expert team can assist you with the right information to start a successful ad campaign for your business.

Have you ever found your Facebook ad stuck in review for the silliest or absurd reason? Let us know in the comments below to further build upon our knowledge!