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Top Businesses to Target This Navratri

As the season of Navratri approaches, businesses are expecting to hit big sales figures and profit. Many businesses flourish during this festive season. Right from small businesses to big companies, each one tries to make the most of this festive period. However, in order to maximise their sales, they need to push their advertising efforts as well, and online advertising plays a major role in achieving their goals. MediaQart partners can approach these businesses to promote them online through MediaQart and increase their revenue. Let’s take a look at the kind of businesses one can approach during the festive season.

Businesses to approach during Navratri

Navratri is considered as an auspicious time to buy new things. As people tend to do a lot of shopping, many businesses get huge sales during this festival period. Let us learn on how MediaQart partners can increase their revenue by promoting the following businesses online.

1. Gift Shops

The festival time witnesses a huge increase in sales for gifting products. In 2017, festive season shopping made up for almost 40 percent of the annual sales for retailers. At the same time, malls in metro cities had a 15-20 percent increase in sales. The gift shops make a big portion of retail market and they also saw a tremendous rise in sales. The festival period is when these gift shops have a huge advertising requirement to increase their sales. Most of these shops would want to do online advertising but don’t know how to do it. It is the perfect time for MediaQart partners to approach these gift shops and promote them on social media platforms through MediaQart.

Festive season shopping accounts for 40 percent of annual sales for most retailers.

2. Sweet Shops

During the festive season, people distribute sweets and exchange pleasantries. For many sweet shops, close to 50 percent of their annual turnover happens during this festival period. With an increasing number of online customers, these sweet shops can promote their business online. This is an excellent opportunity for MediaQart partners to serve their requirement of digital advertising. MediaQart partners can approach these sweet shops and can grow their business by aiding them in hassle-free digital advertising through MediaQart.

For sweet shops, 50% of the turnover happens during the festival time.

3. E-Commerce

Just like offline retailers, e-commerce companies also achieve major sales during the festive period. According to sources, e-commerce sales during this festive season could increase by up to 70 percent. Around 20 million people are expected to shop online during this time. In fact, companies are expecting this festive season to be the biggest ever in terms of serving the number of customers and achieving sales. With such a big amount of online sales, e-commerce businesses also have a huge need for online advertising. It is a big opportunity for our partners to introduce these e-commerce businesses with a hassle-free digital advertising platform. Our partners should approach e-commerce businesses to promote them online through MediaQart.

This festive season, e-commerce businesses expect a 70% jump in sales than last year.

4. Fashion/Apparel Stores

Fashion and apparel stores are expecting a fantastic growth in business during this festive season. In 2017, their overall sales were around 25-30 percent higher than the previous year. In fact, for mall owners, the biggest categories of sales were fashion and ethnic apparel. This time too, you can expect these businesses to do great during this festival season. Today, many fashion retail businesses have become successful by promoting themselves online. They make blogs, videos and do social media marketing on various social media platforms. So it is a great chance for MediaQart partners to convince offline fashion and apparel stores to go online. Approach them to do digital advertising through MediaQart. You can show these businesses the huge opportunity that lies in digital advertising.

In 2017, fashion stores had 25% higher sales than the last festive season.


During Navratri, all these businesses will have a huge need for digital advertising. These businesses already advertise but most of them use traditional mediums such as hoardings, banners, newspaper ads, etc. Now, MediaQart partners have a great chance to take these businesses online and help them tap new customers in a simple and efficient way.