FAQ - Creative tool

Only images sourced from the ‘Google image search’ and ‘Gallery’ are royalty free and can be used without paying a fee.



Mediaqart doesn’t accept responsibility for the copyright status of images uploaded by the user from their devices.

Yes. The headlines, post copies and descriptions are unique and customized to the industry, product or service that you select at the time of audience selection.

We don’t recommend one over the other.


Here’s what you need to know about using Mediaqart’s lead form.


  • By default, Mediaqart will capture the name, email address and phone number of the lead. 


  • You need to add your or your client’s website’s privacy policy.


  • In the content field, you can add a thank you note or a contact number for your business so an interested lead can call you directly.

Yes. You can do that by using the built-in image editor.



You can resize, crop and rotate the image to fit in a container of any size. 


No. You will have to host the video on the Youtube business page for the company. From there, you will copy the URL and add it to the ‘Enter Youtube video’ field.



A carousel ad has multiple images arranged in a horizontal slider. This allows you to showcase an inventory, product line, a catalogue or different facets of a product. 


The post copy and call-to-action for carousel ads remain the same.



You get to skip over making an ad creative and get straight to billing and invoicing. You will still, however, have to return to this step and upload an ad creative for your campaign to run. 

No. The image you choose in the creative builder becomes a part of your ad campaign and is not downloadable