Selecting ad campaign Audience
for the Food Retail Industry
made easy with Mediaqart

You can narrow and broaden the reach of your digital ad
campaign to maximize returns from your ad budget

Based on audience interests, intent and demographics, Mediaqart helps you select an audience that is highly likely to engage with your ads and convert.

Let’s see how you can select optimized audiences for advertising both residential and commercial properties.

Example: Dairy Staples

Narrow audience selection

Scenario: You want to advertise cow’s milk from your dairy collection.

Selection Path: Food > Dairy > Milk > Cow

Result: This will show your ad to potential buyers who prefer or have shown interest in buying cow’s milk.

Related audience selection

Method A:

Selection Path: Food > Dairy > Milk > Milk (all)

Result: This way you can target audiences who are interested in a wide range of fresh milk from organic to full fat and from cow to buffalo.

Method B:

Selection Path: Food > Dairy > Dairy (all)

Result: Your ad will be shown to audiences interested in all kinds of dairy products from fresh to processed and milk to ice cream.

Broad audience selection

Method A:

Selection Path: Food > Food (all) Deselect everything except dairy, eggs, grains, nuts, spices & condiments and oils

Result: With this you have broadened your targeting to include those interested in buying other staples like eggs, grains, nuts, spices, oils and condiments, in addition to dairy. This is with the understanding that targeting buyers interested in other kitchen staples might help you cross-sell milk to them.

Method B:

Selection Path: Food > Food (all)

Result: This is the broadest selection possible for audiences interested in buying edibles ranging from fresh to frozen, whole foods to processed, staples to snacks and vegetarian options to meat.

General audience selection

Scenario: You want to run a likes campaign for your business page and just want to get more likes, followers, and visibility. You aren’t concerned about the relevance of the audiences.

Selection Path: General

Result: This will select a randomized audience for your campaign that may or may not have interest in beverages.

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