Making a Facebook and Instagram website traffic campaign for advertising recruitment services

Mediaqart’s creative builder helps you create an impactful and relatable ad copy for a digital ad campaign within a few minutes.

Facebook log in on Mediaqart

Already logged into Facebook: Mediaqart will automatically log you in.

First time:
  • Log in using Facebook credentials and open access to all permissions.
  • Select your fan page and hit ‘connect’.
  • Also, never change permissions settings for any of your connected fan pages.geting.

Media formats you could use

Single Image, where you can use a single static image for your ad copy.

Video that comes handy when you want to showcase your inventory or a process. Facebook video ad has no limits on the length, but Instagram has a 2-minute limit.

Carousel lets you select up to ten images and ad headlines inside a single ad campaign. So, it works well for businesses where you want to showcase amenities, services or products.

Image selection

Upload your own images by selecting from your computer.

Using built-in media library: Type in keywords for your business or industry, like ‘recruitment’ or ‘hiring’ and hit continue.

Ad guidelines: You might have to edit the images to match Facebook’s guidelines.

Preview: Check how the ad copy looks in the preview section.

Headline Selection

Significance: Headlines complement the images and give more information about the ad. You can either write it yourself or select from a list of ready templates created for advertising recruitment services.

How to:
  • If you are doing a carousel ad, you will need to pick as many headlines as you have images. For a single image or video, 1 headline is sufficient.
  • Click on ‘headline suggestions’ and browse the headlines to find one that matches your requirements.

Post Copy selection

  • Post copy is a general description of your ad and informs the audiences about what you are advertising.
  • If you have offers or discounts then the description must contain that information.
How to:
  • Just as the headline, you can either select a ready template for post copy or write one yourself.
  • To select a ready template, click on ‘text suggestions.’

URL and Call to Action

Ad campaigns like website traffic or lead generation require adding a link to your website and selecting a call to action.

URL field: could either contain your website’s address or the link to the facebook page for your business.

Call to action: Select one from the drop down box that tells your audiences what they should do after viewing your ad.

Lead Form

Campaigns for website traffic and lead generation will need you to make a lead form where you can capture contact details of leads.

Create my own lead form: Takes you to Facebook where you can build one yourself.

Using Mediaqart’s built-in lead form:
  • Leave the box unchecked.
  • By default Mediaqart will capture name, email address and phone number.
  • You need to add your website’s privacy policy.
  • In the content field, you can add a thank you note or a contact number for your business so an interested lead can call you directly.

Making a Youtube ad for a recruitment agency

There are 3 kinds of Youtube ads:

  • Skippable - audiences can skip the ad after 5 seconds to watch the video.
  • Non-skippable - audiences have to wait for the ad to run out.
  • Discovery - your ad shows up as part of youtube search results, recommended videos or the mobile homepage.

For the most part, the process for making an ad creative for these ad types remains the same, except a few differences.

Skippable/Non-skippable ad:

Discovery ad:

Entering Youtube video URL

The video that you want to run has to be first hosted on your company’s or brand’s Youtube channel. It must also match the specifications stated on the creative tool.

Enter the URL of this video into the box and click “Add.”

You cannot upload a video from your device the way you can an image for ads run on Facebook or Instagram.

You will need to first host it on your business channel on Youtube and then add the link in the box.

Headlines and Descriptions

For skippable and non-skippable ads, you need to add just a headline. You can use one of the ready templates or write one of your own.

For video discovery ads, you need to add a headline and 2 separate descriptions. Once again, you can use ready templates or write your own.


These elements are only needed for skippable and non-skippable ads.



  • CTA: It should be action-oriented and tell people what they should do on watching your ad. You can select from our ready list of CTAs or come up with your own.
  • Final URL: This is the URL of the web page or landing page, either company-owned or third party, that you want the viewers to land on. This is not displayed on the ad.
  • Display URL: This is a shorter URL address of the landing page that tells viewers where they will land. It is displayed on the ad.

Please note that the domain names in both display and final URL have to be the same.


Making a Google Search ad for recruitment services

Mediaqart’s creative builder helps you create an impactful and relatable ad copy for a digital ad campaign within a few minutes.

Headline selection and URL

  • You can enter 3 headlines for your google search ad.
  • Either select a ready template or write one of your own.
  • To select a template, click on ‘headline suggestions’ for each field.
  • In the URL field, you could either add your website, a landing page, or a third party page for your business. Those audiences who click on the ad will land here.
  • Check the ad preview to see if the headlines make sense.

Ad Description

You can add 2 description lines for the ad. These description sentences give more information about the ad.

  • Just as the headlines, you can either select ready templates or write your own.
  • Finally, check the preview section once again to make sure the ad looks good and makes sense.

Making a Google responsive display ad for recruitment agency

  • A responsive Google ad is part of the Google display ads ecosystem.
  • With this ad serving, you can show your ad on a variety of placements like websites and mobile phone apps without compromising the looks of the ad.
  • That means the ad adapts to placement and device and renders flawlessly.
  • For this, you have to upload images or videos and ad text of different sizes while making the ad creative.

Upload image and/or video

You can do an all-image ad or an ad with a mix of images and videos.

The video you use must be hosted on your company’s youtube channel.

For image upload, you need to enter 3 images of different sizes as stated on the creative tool.

You can either use images from your device or use the built-in google search to look for royalty-free images.

To resize images, you can use the built-in editor.


You will need to add 3 short and 1 long headline for ads of different placement sizes to be created.

You can either choose from our ready templates or write it yourself.

These headlines, the images and the descriptions (below) will be matched to create a variety of samples of your ad that will go up on different placements.


These are more detailed explanations of the offering. Once again, you have the choice of selecting templates or writing your own copies.

CTA, URL and Business name

Depending on the ad placement, this information might or might not appear.

  • A call to action can be selected from the list of CTAs or a customized one can be added.
  • Add a URL which will redirect the user to a website or landing page, company-owned or third party.
  • Add your business or brand name.


The preview carousel will show your all possible combinations of the images and ad text in a variety of placement sizes.

Making a Google lightbox ad
for recruitment agency

This is an interactive type of ad that is shown to users on a variety of devices and placements.

The ad automatically fits different screen sizes and is usually shown to people with a search history that matches your product or service.

Upload images and logo

You need to upload 3 images for ads and an image for company or brand logo. The images must meet the specifications stated on the creative tool.

Headline, CTA and URL

  • Enter a headline from either the ready templates or write one yourself.
  • The call to action can either be a preset from the list or can be customized by you.
  • You will need to enter the landing page or website URL for the CTA button as well as the logo. So, if someone were to click on the logo they will still end up on the landing page.
  • The landing page can be either on your website or on a third-party platform.


Making a Gmail ad promoting recruitment services

Gmail ads show up in the inbox in the promotions and socials tab. This is an effective medium to reach out to your target audience’s inbox.

The ad appears like a message in your inbox. This is the un-expanded form. Clicking on it expands it like a regular email message.

Upload images

You will need two images of the stated dimensions.

  • One will show up as a thumbnail in the inbox next to your ad - unexpanded view.
  • The other will show up in the expanded ad when someone clicks on it.
  • You can either upload from your device or use the built-in google search to get royalty-free images.

Take a look at the preview part of the image to get a better understanding.

Headline, Description and Business name

  • The headline appears in the inbox in the un-expanded view of the ad. It has to be crisp and communicate the key point of your ad.
  • The description appears in the expanded view of the ad. This can be more detailed to help the viewer understand what you are offering.
  • For headline and description, you can either choose from the ready templates or write your own.
  • Your company’s name shows up both in the un-expanded and expanded view, usually on top of the image.

CTA and Final URL

The CTA button appears in the expanded view and the final URL is the landing page or website that you want your viewers to land on.


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