As a creative & design agency you have been creating design and branding strategies for your clients. Now imagine adding digital marketing and advertising to your offering and doing more for them.

Mediaqart’s automated platform lets you integrate digital ads and social media marketing into your existing business at no additional cost. However, you get returns in the form of cross-selling and diversified offerings.

Why Digital Marketing With Mediaqart
Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Decrease in overhead costs with automated digital services

Campaigns to promote fun combinations
5 Minutes

Is all it takes to analyze & set-up your target audience

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Time saved in setting-up ads from scratch

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Overall increase in business management proficiency

How Mediaqart Helps Creative Agencies Run Ads

Audience Targeting
  • With one click, you can select from 4.7 million unique audience sets Learn More
  • Get pre-estimated results for your ad campaigns to make informed decisions. Learn More
  • Use the built-in content creator to select unique ad copies and headlines. Learn More
  • With a click, share campaign reports with your clients Learn More
  • Plan and schedule your ad campaigns ahead of time from a unified dashboard.Learn More
  • Analyze ad performance and make informed decisions.Learn More
How Mediaqart Works
Audience Targeting
Audience Generation

Generate optimized audiences for your digital campaigns that are most likely to engage with it. Use attributes like interests, industry, work profile, location and demographics to generate a responsive audience.

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Audience Targeting
Audience Insight

Set up expectations for your digital campaigns with pre-run estimates of audience numbers and ad metrics that correspond to different campaign objectives like awareness, consideration and intent.

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Audience Targeting
Content Creation

Build engaging content for social media using a built-in media library, text suggestions, and powerful CTAs. Get smart recommendations for content compliance and save time on ad reviews.

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Audience Targeting
Content Scheduling

Plan paid and organic content with ease and maintain an active presence across multiple digital platforms. Execute your paid and organic content marketing effortlessly from a single dashboard.

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format.

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How Mediaqart Helps Grow Your Business

Audience Targeting

Increase Client’s Revenue Generation

  • Amplify your client’s reach effortlessly Select campaign audiences without a hassle
  • With 4.7 mn unique audience sets, work with all kinds of clients.
  • Manage multiple clients from a single dashboard Manage multiple campaigns and pages from a single dashboard
  • With a click, share campaign reports with your clients
  • Bill clients directly and minimize downtime
  • Upgrade service quality; minimize servicing time and cost

How Mediaqart Helps Digital Marketing Agencies

Localized Targeting

Say ‘Yes’ to clients with all budget sizes and industries and generate optimized campaign audiences with just one click.

Time Management

With our automated platform, complete campaign set-up in a few minutes and minimize downtime by up to 95%.

Result Predictions

Get pre-estimated results for your campaign to plan audience targeting and budget allocation more efficiently.

Full Service Approach

With expertise in visual design, half the battle is already won. And with digital marketing automation you will have covered the entire breadth of it

How Mediaqart Empowers Partners

Audience Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Getting started guides
  • Industry specific playbook
  • Webinar
  • After Sales Support

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