As a social media agency managing your clients day-to-day activities are focused on planning, creating and scheduling content across various social channels.

The focus is more on organic and boosted content which is one of the important aspects of digital marketing. But with organic content being squeezed out by paid content - ads - it’s ever so important to build your social media offering around digital advertising.

Most agencies hesitate to get into digital ads because of the misconception that ads need a lot of data, an expensive tool kit, seasoned professionals and a lot of time. Many are also uncertain if they can manage campaigns for multiple clients.

That’s the problem that Mediaqart has solved. You can set up ad campaigns for any imaginable industry and make ad creatives within a few minutes. This is possible with automation and intelligent suggestions. A comprehensive dashboard lets you manage campaigns and business pages for multiple clients.

Why Digital Marketing For Health

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

million Indians can be reached via Facebook ads

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

million Indians can be reached via Instagram ads

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Internet users in India searched online for products and services

Campaigns to promote fun combinations

Internet users in India visited online stores and ecommerce websites

How MQ can help grow your business

Audience Targeting

Improve Your Client’s Satisfaction

  • Automated audiences for almost all industry or business types available at our platform will help in setting up campaign’s effortlessly.
  • Advanced Scheduler will keep your clients’ social handles up-to-date and fully functional without the need to be online for regular posting.
  • MediaQart’s Integrated Dashboard is robust enough to support all combinations of advertising on Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
  • Bill clients directly from the dashboard and save time on back and forth.
  • Reduce set-up time by 95% and run campaigns effectively with the help of our one-click set-up features.
  • Boost Revenue by letting Mediaqart do most of the advertising work for you so that you can invest your time in sales.
How Mediaqart Works
Audience Targeting
Audience Generation

Generate optimized audiences for your digital campaigns that are most likely to engage with it. Use attributes like interests, industry, work profile, location and demographics to generate a responsive audience.

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Audience Targeting
Audience Insight

Set up expectations for your digital campaigns with pre-run estimates of audience numbers and ad metrics that correspond to different campaign objectives like awareness, consideration and intent.

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Audience Targeting
Content Creation

Build engaging content for social media using a built-in media library, text suggestions, and powerful CTAs. Get smart recommendations for content compliance and save time on ad reviews.

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Audience Targeting
Content Scheduling

Plan paid and organic content with ease and maintain an active presence across multiple digital platforms. Execute your paid and organic content marketing effortlessly from a single dashboard

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Audience Targeting
Actionable Analytics

Monitor your content’s performance with detailed reporting that breaks it down with engagement and audience sentiments. Find all reports neatly organized in a shareable format

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How Mediaqart Helps Social Media Agencies

Improve Campaign Results for Clients

By applying digital marketing strategy and research for your clients, it will help you significantly increase campaign results for your clients, thus, helping them meet their goals.


Just by investing a little money and time on the MQ’s tool, you can significantly increase your conversion rates, reduce overhead costs and ultimately get a better return on investment on the money

Data-first Approach

The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer delivering for all the clients as the audiences are evolving everyday. A data-first approach using Mediaqart’s actionable analysis can ensure you’re targeting the right audience with the right messaging at the right time in order to increase engagement and conversion.

Higher Client Satisfaction

With the help of our platform, create a voice for your agency which will help in improving overall brand image and hence lead to client satisfaction.

How Mediaqart Empowers Partners

Audience Targeting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Getting started guides
  • Industry specific playbook
  • Webinar
  • After Sales Support

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