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Exclusive Vs Shared Leads – Pros & Cons

Most real estate businesses are heavily dependent on the lead generation process as it helps them generate more traffic, increase site visits, hence increasing the chances of conversions or acquiring a customer, thus helping businesses gain huge profits in the process. The ultimate goal is an increase in revenue and customer acquisition.

The lead generation process can often be very complex and not always transparent for real estate businesses. Especially, if you are buying leads from third-party sites or through outsourcing. Many businesses reach out to agencies thinking they might have access to qualified leads exclusively to them.
Assuming you are or would like to buy leads from external parties, it is important to know the difference between shared and exclusive leads, and what are their pros and cons.

Exclusive Vs Shared Leads – Pros & Cons

Most realty companies reach out to lead generation companies that offer both shared and exclusive leads, although shared leads are more common. When you’re buying a shared lead, it means your leads are shared with many of your competitors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shared leads?


  • Shared leads are cheaper than exclusive leads
  • Gives the customer the option to compare and analyze who is offering the best price and amenities.
  • The lead quantity is higher


  • It may be harder for real estate companies to convert shared leads as the competition is very high, especially if your brand awareness is low.
  • Usually, the lead quality is very poor, thus resulting in wasted time and resources
  • Lack of transparency because companies don’t have insights into how many times leads were sold and to whom
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Exclusive leads take away the competition factor but often come at higher pricing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exclusive leads?


  • Lead quality is high
  • Gives you the advantage of being the first ones to approach a customer
  • Exclusive leads give you a better possibility to target certain demographics
  • Only you and your team will have access to these leads, no one else
  • If your brand awareness is low, exclusive leads help in better conversions
  • Allows you to refine and custom-target your audiences


  • Higher costs when compared to shared leads
  • Quantity of leads might not be very high

The cost of driving a sales force to succeed can be overwhelming to many businesses. Many realty businesses simply do not have the resources to employ both a sales and marketing team. A digital agency can also provide you with so-called ‘exclusive leads’, but they also have access to those leads and in the process, they can be misused by someone.

Exclusive leads for businesses can be generated by:

That’s where Mediaqart comes in and helps you achieve leads at an incredibly reduced cost, which is highly exclusive — just for you. Our team does not have any access to your leads as it will show only in your advertising dashboard which is managed by you.

Sit in the driver’s seat and take control of prioritizing which type of leads and resources work best for your business.

So, what would you prefer: Shared Leads or Exclusive Leads?